Bethel University Hawaii

We believe in raising up the next generation of Social Entrepreneurs, Non-Profit Leaders, Ethical Business-men and women, and Environmentalists who apply Biblical Principles to stewarding the planet. Bethel University Extension Hawaii (West side campus) has been created to be 1) affordable 2) purposeful and 3) intentional.

We don't believe students should have a lot of debt after they graduate, as little to no debt creates opportunities to walk into God's calling on their lives once they graduate.

We will provide academic opportunities that allow students to pursue an accredited 2 year or 4 year degree. Along with the excellence of academics that Bethel University is known for, we want to provide hands on experience in practicums and internships that will help students gain experience in their desired profession. The networking of these opportunities will be through Moi Moi Market and it's networking relationships local and global.

What makes BU-X unique from an "online school" is the intentionality of a Christian community. Students will be required to attend Bible Studies that will help encourage them in a first-hand faith of Jesus Christ. Mentorships, community service, and adventure trips are also a part of the BU-X experience on Big Island.


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