Travel Trips

We believe a first hand experience sells the best! Obviously we are very passionate about conscious consumerism, and how the power of our dollar can change the world, but why not see it for yourself and have some fun while you are learning and growing?

Overseas and international travel can be intimidating! Why not have your trip all planned out for you AND go with a community of like-minded folks?

Looking for some fun? On these trips we want to participate in ethical tourism. From safaris to ocean wildlife experiences, we want you to walk away with memories of a lifetime.

Personal growth can be hard to do when your stuck doing the same old things? Our goal is to walk along side you during this experience and help give you the support, coaching, and encouragement you need to take YOU to the next level.

Are you a life long learner? This experience will guarantee life change, for the better! We believe you will be empowered on how you can make more a difference in the lives of others and on this planet!


We have trips in Hawaii, Kenya, Bali, and Mexico. For more information fill out the contact page below and we will be in touch shortly!