Episode 13: Starfish Project Jewelry: 140+ women have found freedom from sexual exploitation

Imagine for a moment that dreaming and setting a goal for your life is an imperceivable luxury. For millions around the globe who are bound by slavery and human trafficking, that’s a reality. Today you’ll meet a woman who has spent the past 17 years reaching girls and women of all ages trapped in sexual exploitation. Jenny McGee has made it her mission to walk the backstreets of East Asian countries, brothel to brothel, offering the opportunity to live and to dream again. For some of these women and girls, it’s for the first time.

There are reasons besides trickery and abduction why so many women are getting swallowed into the sex trafficking industry. Learning these reasons firsthand put a fire in Jenny to create an alternate path for them, back in the early 2000’s. Beads thrown on the table and a plea to friends to “help me design something!” launched into Starfish Project, a now very professional organization that sells jewelry made by women freed from exploitation. Starfish not only provides a variety of transferable employment, but also a safe environment for the women to create their own emotional, educational, and vocational goals, to heal and build up their lives again.

Jenny didn’t have a background in design, or even a business model to start with. All she had was faith, and the open-heartedness it takes to be a servant. In this episode (part 1 of 2), you’ll learn how Jenny has been able to enter these rough areas to reach forgotten faces, and how she and her team continue to show love to broken women— even to their bosses! It’s a story of faith in dedicated, on-the-ground action; a definite must-listen.

You can learn more and purchase beautiful jewelry made by healed and restored women at starfishproject.com and also at moimoimarket.com.

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