Meet the Team


Kelsey Waliszewski is the founder of Moi Moi Market, an online marketplace that makes it easy for folks to find and buy products of purpose: that help women out of sexual exploitation, supports education, and cleans up our oceans. She is also the host of The Talking Story Podcast, a podcast that shares stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things hoping to give the listener tools to use to positively impact their community and use their life for purpose. Her co-host, Bob Waliszewski, retired Focus on the Family Plugged In Movie Director.
She is an avid kiteboarder, triathlete, world traveler and boat business owner and captain of Da Whale Boat, a whale watch operation on the Big Island. Kelsey's love for challenge and adventure is a huge part of who she is. "I believe women are capable of anything they put their mind to, and I have tried to exemplify that truth statement in my life." Her heart to help others is ultimately the purpose of her existence, which has been cultivated in her love for Jesus. Although working full time, she believes in giving back to the community, and has served at Heart Ranch and Ho'ola Na Pua here on the Big Island, Hawaii. Her more recent endeavor, tied to the boat business, is For Children to Flourish, teaching character development and sustainable lifestyle practices using the resources of the ocean. Find her on social media @captainkelseyhawaii
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Joyce grew up with a passion for the arts and design - visual, musical, performance and everything in between. Born in Singapore and raised in Hong Kong and Beijing in international communities, she strongly believes that global awareness and embracing cultural diversity is truly what makes the world go round. "People need people; as American wanderer Chris McCandless said, 'happiness is only real when shared.'"

Joyce appreciates good coffee as much as the next self-respecting designer, and geeks out about color swatches and typography on the regular. When not frolicking with Adobe CS on her trusty iMac or behind her camera shooting landscapes and stars, Joyce can be found freediving around Big Island waters or off traveling the world in search of her next great adventure. @juliettango


Haley grew up as the daughter of a master photographer, developing a love for making pictures early on. Since graduating college with a degree in photography, she has photographed weddings, portraits, and commercially for the past 11 years. Haley loves people and capturing their stories, and believes wholeheartedly that God gives each one of us gifts and talents for a reason.

Haley is a Colorado native, making her home in Fort Collins with her husband and two busy little boys. "I'm a Wife. Mother. Photographer. Dreamer. I love Jesus, classic musicals, traveling to new places, and I'm pretty sure "coffee" is my main love language." @haleyhendricksonphotography

Jenna's inspiration in design has always come from the ocean. "I have always loved the water and being the active person that I am has led me to a growing passion for surfing. On the weekends, you can easily find me dangling my legs over my surf board waiting for a wave. In fact, all of my designs tie to the ocean in some way, shape or form." 

Jenna has a background in Interior Design and also runs her own company Lightwave Designs, creating living environments and graphics for the Island. While designing is her first love, Jenna also has a passion for giving back to the community. She is regular volunteer at Heart Ranch, a local horse-therapy program on Big Island. @light.wave.designs


Tess has lived a majority of her life in Raleigh, North Carolina but was adopted from South Korea. While she has called Raleigh home for most her life, Tess has also spent some time in Orlando, Florida and on the Big Island of Hawaii. Her passions include travel, photography, movies, trying new things and helping others. She has a knack for working with and learning from other people - especially when it comes to problem-solving.

Tess's penchant for helping others and love for people is what drew her to MoiMoi, and she currently represents  our MoiMoi aloha on the mainland.  When not sipping on a cup of coffee, she can be found running around seeking out her next big project (to-go cup in hand, of course). @tess_mose


Clara is finishing up her degree in Communications at the University of Hawaii in Hilo, where she also works as a writing tutor. Clara, her husband Zach, and their feisty 4-year-old Hazel thrive on Jesus' good grace as well as on exploring the beautifully diverse Big Island they feel blessed to call home. Music, the ocean, and learning about different cultures are a few of her other most favorite things.


After she graduates this spring, Clara looks forward to diving into some kind of work that incorporates her heart and deep compassion for people (TBD..). She hopes to continue to grow and develop her passion for writing as well, and is thrilled to be a part of the MoiMoi team!