2021: Picking up the Pieces: Starts with Forgiving the Hurt

Happy New Year and welcome to our series "Picking up the Pieces". Many of us probably never want to visit 2020 again. 2020 brought significant trials: job loss, broken relationships, financial crumbling, health deterioration, and/or a death of a loved one. So here we are, a new year, and where do we go from here? The Talking Story Podcast has been pointing to finding purpose in life, but so many are just trying to figure out how to get back to a "life". So what do we do when we experience significant trials? How do we find a purpose-filled life again? Is there hope from the pain? This year, we want to bring to the table conversations that help us "pick up the pieces" of a broken life. But our hope is that by having these deep, hard conversations YOU will find once again a beautiful, healthy, purposeful, and joyful life.  Our first conversation is with Kent Whitaker, author of the non-fiction book called Murder by Family. Back in December 2003, Kent experienced an atrocity that not many of us could fathom. Kent walks us through his journey of getting his life back on track after losing EVERYTHING! Personally, we gleaned so much wisdom from this conversation, and ultimately it made us take a good look into our lives. Kent's key to healing is forgiveness, but not just any forgiveness... a divine forgiveness. We encourage you to listen in to learn more, and join us on this journey of "Picking up the Pieces". 

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