Episode 40: 4 Foods that have Changed My Life: Reflection on Nutrition and Sleep


Aloha TTSP Tribe,

Kelsey here, week 3 of my REFLECTIONS, where I'm sharing with you on a personal level the good, bad, and ugly.

This week, let's talk sleep and nutrition.

So it's been said that you really can't help anyone else until you help yourself. And part of "helping ourselves" is by how we take care of ourselves, am I right? Researchers have been telling us that sleep and nutrition are HUGE factors in health. So here are my tricks and tips when it comes to sleep and health.

If you are experiencing this season of COVID like I am, unemployed, then use it for your advantage. I know the anxiety is real (that's the next podcast reflection), and the future is uncertain, but when will you ever get a chance like this again? When COVID first hit, and people stopped coming to Hawaii, and our boat business shut its doors, I for the first time in my life, did not have anything pressing. I did not HAVE to be at work by 7:30am. I did not HAVE to be anywhere at any specific time. So, I stopped using an alarm clock. For the first few days, I found myself sleeping 9-11 hours. I figured my body needed it. For the last decade of my life, I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off (weird figure of speech am I right, I need to research the origin of that saying). But now, I had the opportunity to stop and actually was forced to slow down. So I did. After about 4 days, my body woke up naturally after 8 hours of sleep. I would go to bed by 10am. And without an alarm, I was waking up at 6 am.

For those who are still holding jobs (lucky! and I'm jealous), and don't have that luxury yet of turning off alarm clocks. Prioritize getting a solid 8 hours of sleep. Don't compromise. Netflix isn't worth it, I promise. Prioritize yourself, and let nothing take away those essential 8 hours and see the difference it makes in your life.

And to moms of newborns and babies. Write in your calendars to refer back to this episode in 4 years. I have the upmost respect for you! I've never been a mom, but I know the sacrifice it takes (NOTE OUR MOTHER'S DAY PODCAST, ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR EPISODES). Sleep won't be in your vocab for a while, but remember you are doing extraordinary work raising your little, and keeping he/she alive! My hats off to you!


Now for nutrition.

Two years ago, I came across the book BODY LOVE by Kelly Leveque. This book changed my life and my diet. First it is a must read as she explains the science behind the 4 foods that are essential to start your day with. So don't let this blog be the only thing you read, consider my writing as teaser.

The 4 foods that EVERYONE should start their day with *drum roll please*

1. Greens

2. Fiber

3. Protein

4. Good Fat

To learn more listen in to this Reflection episode or just go get her book. But literally, it has changed my life.

Do I enjoy my 4 Food Group smoothie 5 days a week. Absolutely not. But is it something I can endure for the sake of health? Absolutely.

What has it done for me:

1. Given me more energy throughout the day

2. I experience less "hunger". (Is it really hunger or is our brain just wanting another upity up high due to sugar consumption?)

3. Controlled my weight (and guys, I have thyroid issues so weight should be a problem for me).

4. Helped empower me in my food intake


Am I perfect, no way! But the GREEN SMOOTHIE is a habit that has only helped enhance my life. And when my life is enhanced, I am more empowered to help enhance other's lives around me.

Go live your best life ya'll. Love you. I believe in you. And I know that you are on this planet for a reason!


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