Episode 30: 5 Musts of Motherhood

There are countless people all over the world doing incredible, life-giving, life-changing things— individuals, non-profits, and for-profits rescuing, feeding, innovating, healing, fighting for justice; the list goes on. For 30+ episodes, The Talking Story Podcast has been privileged to seek out and bring attention to those ordinary people doing extraordinary things, as you the listener well know. But none of those businesses, those amazing feats, or those people would have ever been possible without one very essential group of people: moms!

In this special Mother’s Day episode, you’ll hear from 4 women coming from all stages of motherhood as they each share what helps keep them afloat in the hectic, messy, day-to-dayness of the mom life. You could collectively call these women’s nuggets of wisdom
The 5 Musts of Motherhood, and they are:

Waking up before the kids, + "good coffee and a whole lot of Jesus”
Creating a bedtime ritual so as to end the day— even the roughest day— on a good note
Striving to enjoy every moment you have with your kids; also taking time away for yourself
Finding good friends and a strong support system
Keeping on pursuing your passions

Tune in to hear these ladies expand on these musts and also discuss favorite family activities (need some ideas?), hilarious stories (think diaper blowouts and sassy teens), and bring you some words of encouragement. If you’re not a mom, don’t tune out! There is wisdom to be found here for you as well. These ladies will also be giving input on a very relevant topic in this day and age, screen time. (Leesa Waliszewski, wife of Bob and mom of Kelsey, says it well: “We want to raise kids who know how to regulate their own emotions so they don’t have to rely on a screen to do that for them.”)

Moms, you are underrated. You may feel ordinary, you may question if the work you are doing at home with your kids is really mattering, but you truly are extraordinary, and your work is some of the most — if not the most — important work in the world. Keep it up.

We have a website! Check us out on thetalkingstorypodcast.com & have a very happy Mother’s Day!

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