Episode 31: A Free Opportunity to Pay It Forward: Send a Card, Encourage Someone Today


Aloha Friends,

Kelsey here.

Starting today, we are going to be offering something a bit different, something super cool, something that will completely make another's day. For free! That's right, absolutely zero moolah!

But first, a trip down memory lane. Join me?

Does anyone remember Valentine's Day grams? Yea, that's right the fundraising effort done by the Senior class that sold flowers and valentine's day cards and provided the delivery service to get these flowers and cards to your desired person? So here's what happened, if you were like me.

Valentines Day arrives. I go to school hoping and praying that this year will be my year.  That Susie Loo, the most popular girl in school, always seemed to walk away each year with a trophy of flowers and cards from friends, acquaintances, and potential suitors. Maybe, just maybe, one of those flowers/cards will have my name on it, that someone thought of me?

The day begins, and in each class someone bursts in the classroom to announce the Valentine's Day gram delivery, and of course Susie Loo's stash is piling up. It's getting towards the end of school, and I'm starting to feel a bit fearful, a bit unloved, a bit like I want to crawl into a hole and never come out, and then the classroom door opens.

The delivery student, to my surprise calls my name, Kelsey. "Kelsey, is there a Kelsey in this class". I can't begin to describe the feeling. Someone sees me? Someone cares enough to pay money to send me a Valentine's Day gram? Someone loves me? Remembering how that one card made me feel, that someone took the time to make sure I knew that I was loved and seen, it meant the world.

Yes, I'll admit, the story may be a a bit dramatic, maybe? But the concept of being seen and loved is what has withstood the test of time for me.

I want to redeem the Valentine's Day gram for humanity as a whole. Thankfully, in Moi Moi Mailbox, we have completely eliminated the comparison factor. There will be no comparing how many "grams" you received compared to Susie Loo. But what we do want to do, is to allow the gift of making someone feel seen and loved, especially in this COVID19 time, for FREE!

Here's what to do:

Go to www.moimoimarket.com

Click on the Moi Moi Mailbox

Find the Free Postcard

Put it in your cart.

Add the person's mailing address you want to send it to.

And click check out.

We will send a "gram" (or postcard) on behalf of YOU for FREE!

It will say something like this:

"ALOHA _________,

We are sending this postcard on behalf of __________.  They just want you to know that they are thinking about you and think you are pretty awesome! We all believe that you are an amazing person and 100% agree that you have done and will do great things! Keep being a rockstar. Know you are loved."

From (Moi Moi Market staff on behalf of _____)


However, if you don't trust us to send a card, no problem. We invite you to purchase a card to send to a friend.

Folks, not many of us receive good snail mail anymore. If you are like me, I'm so over my email inbox, and an e-card, just doesn't do much for me. However, to get a hand written card in the midst of bills and political mail, well, that just makes my day.

So join us in this movement to redeem the Valentine's Day "gram", but more importantly to take the time to be intentional in someone's life and let them know that you are thinking about THEM!

Caring for someone, especially in this season, will change a life and the world!



  • Love this! I’m sending a bunch out this week :)

  • You’re amazing Kelsey! What a genius idea!


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