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Welcome to The Talking Story Podcast, hosted by us, Bob and Kelsey with that really long Polish last name WALISZEWSKI (Wall-a-shess-skee). , Oh and it’s important to mention we are a father/daughter duo in this endeavor,  two ordinary people with a deep desire to live our lives in extraordinary ways. We figured the best way to learn about living an extraordinary life is by talking to people who have lived in the extraordinary. So, let’s define an extraordinary life, shall we? Extraordinary life: a life lived with purpose, passion, fulfillment, deep joy, gratitude that often comes through selfless acts and thoughts. An extraordinary life is a life that you come home after a long day and instead of feeling drained and defeated, you are filled with hope, awe, and happiness, where you can’t help but smile and know that life is good, even if circumstances may tell you otherwise. 

We believe you have a purpose and that there is absolutely no mistake that you are on this planet here and now for a reason.. If you’re in question as to what that purpose may be, or maybe you’re feeling a little lost or hopeless, and/or maybe you have a “fabulous” job but you still come home feeling unfulfilled…then we would encourage you to SUBSCRIBE to this podcast and listen in weekly to be inspired by ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things. We believe through these conversations, you will hear something that will speak deeply into your soul, will take you to the next level, and will help you discover or solidify the reason you’re here on this earth. 

A brief background about us ordinary folk. Colorado was home to us for many many years. Bob, my dad, worked at Focus on the Family for almost 28 years in the Plugged In, movie review, department. Just recently, he and my mom moved to the Big Island of Hawaii where I have been living for the past 10 years. I guess they figured I had no plans of returning, so they decided to take the leap of faith, and move. So, for the first time in 15 years, we are living in the same state, which has been fabulous. As a recent retiree (or semi-retirement as he likes to say), my dad suddenly has a bit more free time. Well, unite that free time and his radio expertise through FOTF with my new found passion and drive for my new business, Moi Moi Market, and voila!

So, here we are hosting a father/daughter podcast, a first of its kind. Throughout the past few years, I have been on a quest to learn what it means to consciously consume, and how we hold a lot of power just through how we spend our dollars. Seriously, we literally vote everyday via our spending. I also am passionate about the social justice issue of human trafficking and more specifically sex trafficking. Understanding that our money can bring freedom and hope to those who have been sexually exploited is foundational to my business, Moi Moi Market. You can learn more on www.moimoimarket.com

I have been a boat captain and business manager for a whale watch operation on the Big Island of Hawaii since 2011, Adventure X Boat Tours, www.adventurexboattours.com.  Learning about humpback whales has truly been an honor, and one specific attribute these whales portray has really changed my life. Humpback whales are known to be altruistic, which means that they will intervene when another ocean animal is being attacked (say by a killer whale) at risk of injury to themselves. They just have this soft spot for helping another animal even if they get hurt while doing it and even if that other animal is a completely different species (monk seal, human, sea lion, grey whale). Well that altruistic nature has been something I’ve tried to apply in my life, and although it requires sacrifice and it isn’t always easy, it truly brings me the most joy and real sense of happiness. 

I decided to use my business, Moi Moi Market, as an avenue to give back to two Hawaii organizations: Heart Ranch and Hoolanapua in 2019. These two non-profits have had an incredible impact in my life personally and in the community as a whole, so what better way than to kick-start this podcast with two absolutely inspiring stories from the middle of the Pacific ocean. So listen in, subscribe, review, and share. We are on Instagram @thetalkingstorypodcast. Kelsey’s personal Instagram is @captkelseyhawaii. Bob’s personal Instagram is @waliszrs and you can check out the MoiMoi Market insta at @moimoimarket


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