Episode 33: A World Restored: Human Trafficking Fought with Fashion


You’re sitting in a brothel. A large, notably drunken man walks in the door and stumbles to a table on the other side of the room. Several figures appear on the catwalk, dressed in neon bikinis, and begin to dance on the poles in front of you. They are around seven, eight, and nine years old. You and your team have been coming here every night for the past two months, praying and looking for a way out for these little girls. But that man across the room, you can only assume why he is here.

“Tricked, trapped, transported, used”— this is human trafficking. It is real, it is an overwhelmingly global atrocity; it happens every day and in every part of the world. How do we start valuing human life at every level in order to stop this? How do we encourage others to do the same? Sisters Kate and Kimberly began asking questions like these over a decade ago, and have since been waging war against human trafficking through prevention, awareness, and the unexpected field of fashion.

Reflected in their chosen lines of work, reaching the vulnerable has long been a deep-rooted desire in both sisters’ hearts: Kate is a social worker in Dallas and Kimberly works at a counter-human trafficking NGO in Cape Town. Despite being worlds apart, the sister team started their own ethical clothing business last year, providing jobs and living wages for their South African manufacturers and empowering their global customers through sustainable purchases. Buying a Brookes Collective piece is a simple way to fight human trafficking in style.

Both Kate and Kimberly share some incredible and rather suspenseful stories and facts in this episode that you won’t want to miss. From arrests at the hands of corrupt policemen, to realized responsibilities, to mapping out a city’s trafficking hot spots, these ladies are living extraordinary lives. Listen in to learn more about Kate and Kimberly’s work, trafficking prevention tactics, and how your dollar can change lives.

Visit brookescollective.com to view their beautiful products and learn more about Kate and Kimberly’s vision through their blog. “A World Restored,” authored by Kimberly and recommended by your host Kelsey, is available on Amazon.

You can also head over to Moi Moi Market at moimoimarket.com and join the fight in various global battles (such as for clean water or against human trafficking) through your dollar.

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