All Things are Possible: Find out How with Victor and Eileen Marx

Isaiah 61 speaks of one being “sent to heal the broken hearted.” This is the message Victor Marx, a man who knows the ins and outs of trauma painfully well, carries to fractured hearts and minds around the world: God made us to heal. It is a desperately needed hope as violence, abuse, and trafficking continuously shatter lives, and it is one we can put our faith in. The severe abuse Victor endured as a very young child and his journey of forgiveness and healing have culminated in a heart dedicated to rescue and equip the vulnerable. When he and his wife Eileen began working with incarcerated youth, the discovery in a girls facility that every one of them had experienced sexual abuse in their young lives lead the couple to eventually open up a self defense training facility for men, women and children of all ages and backgrounds, to combat and prevent such abuse. They have also produced two films on trauma, garnering a reputation for themselves that ultimately brought them an invite from the Kurdistan government to enter ISIS ravaged areas. What they saw there drew and expanded their ministry from domestic to international work. Victor and Eileen’s 32 years of marriage, 5 children, and far-reaching, life-saving ministry stand as evidence that you can overcome the trauma you’ve experienced and live a very fruitful life. Whatever your past, whether fresh scars or excruciating memories that you’ve tried to bury ten feet under, You. Can. Heal. Don’t wait to cry out to God until you’re better; He uses the broken in mighty ways. “What the enemy meant for evil, God has worked for good.” Tune in to hear more about All Things Possible Ministry, to gain wisdom on walking alongside someone who has experienced trauma, and to find out how you can combat sex trafficking— the best place actually being within your own home. Find Eileen’s new book Imperfectly One here:
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  • Thank You Kelsey and Bob….I enjoyed this interview very much as I follow Victor and Eileen on youTube. You covered a lot of ground in this interview. Also, Victor and Eileen were speakers at Imiola last Sunday….and he had us laughing so hard…Yet, HIS MESSAGE was clear about today’s churches who aren’t dealing with the issues our Society is facing and ignoring the call to stand up for Biblical Values!!! He’s a Big Guy with a Black Belt …Eileen, too….so their admonition was HEAVY!!!

    Leningrad and Paula
  • This is a “must listen”. I am in awe of Victor and Eileen Marx. I recommend anyone that is a parent, caretaker, has experienced trauma themselves or know others who have, especially sexually… LISTEN! Very impacting, encouraging and exciting to see people making a change in our world. Thank you!

    Fronda Harris
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