Episode 12: Busyness isn't always Effectiveness: Let's Talk Story with the Founders of Asia Heartbeat


A word of encouragement may be the final ray of light needed to burst through and stamp out an inner darkness. Someone so trapped in self-doubt, or in the shadow of poverty or turmoil may just need someone to believe in them, to spur them on to make a difference. This week you’ll meet two men, a doctor and a teacher, who’ve captured this idea and who are combining their separate giftings to aid a country that’s been described as a dark and isolated place.  

Join Bob Waliszewski in Colorado Springs as he talks story with Dr. Bentley Tate and Matt Perkins, founders of Asia Heartbeat. Both felt burdened by the issues of children in Myanmar, a nation left broken by past dictatorship, civil war, and cultural conflict. Asia Heartbeat’s goal is different from that of many missional organizations who go in to solve problems in undeveloped countries directly. Instead, Bentley and Matt work to equip and encourage Burmese locals to make the needed changes in health care, education, and other systems themselves. The locals have the biggest heart for their own people, so coming alongside to strengthen and support existing efforts is the ultimate purpose of Asia Heartbeat. Tune in to hear how two very busy guys and their young families have invested their free time in “furthering the passion and drive” of others, cheering them on to do extraordinary things for their communities.

“When you come here and you tell me you believe in me…and look around and see what we’ve done…you point out good things that somehow we’ve been able to do. When you tell me what’s ahead is even better.. I can run for 4-6 months on that.” —A Burmese man who started his own music school with the help of Asia Heartbeat. 

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Visit asiaheartbeat.org or email Matt Perkins directly at mattfaithperkins@gmail.com to learn more and find out how you can get involved with bettering lives in Myanmar. 

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