Dog Lover? Spoil Your Pooch while Transforming Lives

Aloha TTSP Listeners!
Calling all Dog Moms and Dads! Moi Moi Market is now selling artisan made dog collars from Chiapas, Mexico. I'm in LOVE! But what I love more than the product is the mission of Amor Handmade
"Our project aims to address socioeconomic problems within artisan  communities. For the majority of artisans, work is only seasonal and  dependent on tourism. Due to these meager seasonal earnings, the next  generation of artisans is abandoning their cultural arts  for alternatives such as strenous work on farms or factories.   This takes them on dangerous journeys far away from their homes for  little gain.  This results in the loss of culturally significant  techniques, great personal risk for each artisan, and no way to improve  their quality of life or economic situation.
To tackle these issues, every sale at AMOR supports artisan women  with steady local employment.  With AMOR, they can work from the safety  of their homes and not worry about when or where they can sell their  wares.  We pay upfront because their financial security comes first.  We  hope to preserve their arts and create a brighter, safer future for  their families and culture."
Bob Waliszewski, a former Focus on the Family Plugged In Movie Critic, talks with Chris about his journey of Amor Handmade and how it impacts artisans. What Bob found fascinating, was the alternative employment for these people...a modern form of slavery. So by purchasing a dog collar, dog leash, bracelet, and/or earrings you are empowering individuals to earn a fair wage while doing something they LOVE!
Chris's mission is to increase the quality of products while using the artisan's craft and skill. Amor Handmade is focused on modern and practical products which is what is needed to help a small community break into a western market. 
It's exciting to pamper your pooch while using your dollar to change lives. And that's what Moi Moi Market is all about. 

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