Episode 21: Enough! Kelsey goes solo...and it gets deep!


We live in a media-inundated society that is selling the message that stuff heals. We’re encouraged into an endless chase after whatever makes us feel like we’re “enough”— newest beauty products, age-erasers, clothes, gadgets, getaways…We max out credit cards to meet unachievable standards, yet so often we end up feeling plain empty.

Let’s change the narrative: You are enough. Stuff does not define you. It will not remedy loneliness, depression, or hopelessness, because focus on self through rampant consumerism cannot. The remedy for our struggles can be found in the opposite: shifting our sights off of ourselves and our quest for a more successful, happier life, and onto others and the bettering of their lives. Buying-getting-receiving will never be equivalent to (or as impactful as) giving, just as having more does not mean you’ll feel more fulfilled.

Another downfall of “need-fulfilling” consumerism is that as we purchase many of the products that we do, our dollar supports cheap labor. Sweat shops. As we buy to feel “enough,” we enslave another through that purchase. The alternative? Join Kelsey as she addresses conscious consumerism, and how it ties directly into helping others. She invites us to take a step back and reflect on the reasoning behind our buying habits, and to ask ourselves how we can make someone else feel like they are enough. No matter where we’re at in life, emotionally, spiritually, or financially, we always have something to give.

Help change the narrative and visit moimoimarket.com to view, purchase, or just hear the stories behind products that truly give back.

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