Family Economics: It Takes a Village to Live a Thriving Life

At the age of 31, I moved in with my parents. I had a successful career, I had been on my own for 16 years, I was an adult living my best life...yet here I was, moving in with the parentals.

It was very humbling, very humbling.

Why would I do such a thing... one may ask in this western- individualistic- society we live in? Well the simple answer, I felt God was telling me to and I have wonderful, giving, generous parents who are also open and led by Jesus.

It was suppose to be for just 6 months, helping them adjust since they just moved to Hawaii and allowing me to save a little. The house that was "mine" became "theirs" overnight. It was tough.

My stuff went into boxes, theirs came out. Now mind you, they were anxious to nest because they had just lived with my dad's mom for 7 months and they are in their mid-sixties.

A year and half later, I finally moved out...right in the middle of COVID. I just lost my job, and now was the time to move out? Doesn't make sense right? Don't ask me to explain, it still doesn't make sense, I just feel what I believe is the Holy Spirit telling me what to do, and I often go by the peace I feel in my heart.

But I tell you, if I didn't take that 18 month season and humble myself to live in their basement, 2020 would have looked extremely different for me. But because I had the opportunity to save, I entered a scary season of unknown a bit more confident and peaceful.

The Clapback Couch Podcast ladies join us on today's podcast to talk about family economics. How does God's design of the family look in seasons of struggle, uncertainty, and pain. How can family help each other within, and how can a family be a source of help to those outside the familial circle.

We loved our conversation with these New York gals, and would encourage you to check out their podcast and website here





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