Financially Anxious? Join the Club

Hey Ya'll! Gosh am I learning a lot this week about 1) being the hands and feet of Jesus and 2) trusting in Him for my daily bread. This week I received correspondence from a Kenyan friend. His trials are "immense" but he is trying to understand the lessons to glean from the current hardships and see opportunities to help people even though he is in need himself. He described a situation, where he had just enough money for some food for lunch. However, instead of buying food for himself to relieve his hunger pains, he felt prompted by God to use what little he had and buy a beggar some cakes and a soda. Did that mean no lunch for him that day? Yep! But he wouldn't have it any other way. What he did gave him an indescribable joy, a joy that no one, no circumstance, can take away.  Well, that has got me thinking and I think I'm on my way to an emergency spiritual surgery.  This man's text, which can be found on my Instagram (here) has started me down this thought journey. I truly believe that my friend John was the hands and feet of Jesus that day. In fact, if Jesus was physically present walking the same streets and encountering the same beggar, I believe not only would Jesus have given him food to meet his physical needs, but I believe that Jesus would have healed the man from his physical ailments as well. Did you know that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead, is the same spirit that lives inside of us today (those that confess with their mouth and believe in their heart that Jesus is Lord). That power comes from the Holy Spirit. The spirit of the LIVING GOD lives in US!!  (How cool would it be to see the western church to begin to walk in faith and power of the Holy Spirit? I sure hope that's in my lifetime, and I want to be a part of that!) So no wonder we have opportunities to be the proof that God exists! I think of sunsets. It is one of my favorite times of day. I believe a sunset makes me realize how little I am and how little control I have. I believe a sunset points to a Creator, something greater than ourselves. The Bible says that creation testifies that there is a God. However, watching a sunset does not show us that same Creator actually cares about us. He gives us, human beings, that opportunity. We get to reflect the characteristic of God. We are proof of God's love. When we have an encounter with the Living God, how can we not go public and display the transformation that has happened in our lives. Isn't it only natural to love others, to sacrifice our lives for the sake of others? Isn't that what Jesus did on the cross for us? John's text inspired me to trust in God's provision. Although what may be considered as little, John gave EVERYTHING! It was all that he had. Imagine giving all that you had? Right? Not an easy thing. What if you lived day to day not knowing where your "bread" would come from? That is a faith I have not experienced, but I want to. John gave when it hurt. Not sure I can say that I've done that. But that, that is true altruism. That shows that He trusts in Jesus to not let him down, and provide for his daily needs. Luke 21:1-4 shows a woman, a widow, who gave 2 small coins to the temple. That was everything she had. And Jesus said that those 2 coins meant more than the 100 coins given by others, because she gave everything and others gave only a dent of their wealth. Where do you fall on the spectrum? Where is your heart today? These are the very questions I'm asking myself.  "There is no other work in life that will fill you with more joy and purpose than seeing God's promises fulfilled. " " ;

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