Friendshipping 101 and 102

A couple of dear friends have come to The Talking Story Podcast table to talk about *drum roll please* FRIENDSHIP!
In real time I come seeking advice about some of my personal struggles in friendship. I've been recently wounded by a friend. What do I do? How do I forgive? Do I let go? How do I take responsibility in a friendship? How can I be a better friend? And what can I do on social media to help build friendships?
So I wanted to seek Godly counsel to find answers to these questions. 
Jacque and Rachael are friends from elementary days. These gals love Jesus and spend time in God's word daily and in prayer, so I knew that their wisdom was coming not just from personal experience but from their sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. 
So if you have ever struggled in this area of friendship, this podcast is for you. Heal, be inspired, and be encouraged that you can be the friend that the people in this world need!
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