Episode 35: Going From "I Can't" to Photography That Changes Lives


“I. Can’t.”

For a kid who bottomed out on his aptitude test, whose grades stunk, and who couldn’t stick with any one activity for long, these 2 debilitating words could have had the final say in his young life. And yet today, Jeremy Cowart’s portfolio is crammed full of stunning photos and countless global ideas and projects while a fear of failure is nowhere to be found. What happened?

Jeremy went from “just being a kid in Nashville with a camera”— a 3 megapixel camera— to one of the best photographers in the nation. Hollywood sets and celebrities filled his lens until a realization that this wasn’t his “end all be all” switched on and ignited bigger pursuits. An idea to take photos for the needy launched into a global movement, during which 80 million portraits were taken and given out, many to those who had never had their picture taken. Capturing the incredible forgiveness between Rwandan villagers and the men who brutally killed their families, art therapy with former child soldiers, the in-progress creation of a global hotel chain where every room in every hotel has a story and sponsors a child: Jeremy’s dreams and goals list is lengthy, and he is tackling each item on them head-on.

So what’s the secret? Tune in to find out how Jeremy was set free from the doubt-centered self-narrative that is pretty rampant in our world and why he chases all dreams, big or small. How many of us face situations and opportunities in life with an “I can’t” mindset? What dreams are you holding off on because you think there’s just no way? If this is you, has been you, or is someone you know, don’t miss this episode. The world is waiting for you.

Find Jeremy on social media under Jeremy Cowarthttps://youtu.be/jC-rpAkfE2I and check out his photos, projects, and a video describing his life story at jeremycowart.com. Learn more about one of his current projects listed here at purposehotel.com.

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