Season 2 Episode 1 (48) Help! I'm now Homeschooling

An unlikely opportunity has rolled in with 2020, one that many parents may not have otherwise considered: homeschooling. Do chills run up and down your spine at the word? Or, had you already committed to educating your kiddos at home, pre-pandemic? Either way, and even if you’re not a parent, listen on!

We welcome Leesa Waliszewski back on the podcast for this episode (go check out episode 30 to hear some of her words of wisdom on motherhood!) to discuss what being a life-long self-learner looks like, and to glean some tips for those moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas who may be forced to homeschool their children during this season. Leesa has worked in the education system for decades, implementing a philosophy that brings more life into learning (see resources). Here she sheds light and positivity in sharing how now could be the perfect time to get back in touch with your child’s education. Because ultimately, you are the one person(s) present through every new teacher and grade level change. Moms and dads, you can make a HUGE difference by taking this chance to get more involved!

Sometimes, the curiosity and passion to discover knowledge is killed in the place we’d least expect it— school. Stressing over good or bad grades, pleasing mom and dad, test-taking, and info-cramming can really take the spark out of learning. Kids (and adults!) need to be fed with ideas, not just information. Tune in to learn how to step it up a notch with something as simple as reading with your child and on your own (books can change us, big time). This is the time of “becoming more aware of what our kids’ minds are being fed on”…and stepping into the learning journey with them. You may even end up learning a few things from them!


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Kelsey Waliszewski

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