Episode 25: The Four-Letter Word Every Shopper Needs to Know


“If you wanna go to Mombasa, Kenya, call this number.” One glance at a bulletin board contain ing these words at the back of a crowded mega church was all it took for an adventure seeking 18-year-old to pack up and go. One trip led to two, two to three, until this born and raised Texan was selling her beloved truck and all she owned for a 7 month stay…and counting. 

That was 8 years ago. Yep, Jenny Nuccio never left. 

The initial trips allowed Jenny to collect stories of children for sponsorship profiles, but while doing so her eyes (and heart) shifted to another group, one working tirelessly in the background— their mothers. These women were walking miles and miles to sell fruit for mere pennies. Jenny’s heart was captivated by their struggle, and sat down with their village chief, in

16 women began learning to make handicrafts with Jenny, and along with their sewing machines (funded by Jenny’s truck) became the pillars of Imani Collective, an ethical business fueled by artisans thriving on salary wages. Other village members thought it was a hopeless cause, but these women put their trust in Jenny, their work, and believed big things would happen. Imani’s handmade household products are now being sold worldwide, and their more than 100 creators are now able to save, buy land, and send their children to school. 

Imani Collective and its founder challenge the trending subject of fair trade in this episode, exposing several underlying issues. Tune in- you’ll want to hear how Jenny went from 0 (“I’ve traveled outside the country now, can check that off the bucket list”) to 100 (“OK, I’m gonna move here now!”), how Imani was born, and how ethical trade vs. fair trade allows Imani to address the needs of its workers holistically. And yes, how a true blooded Texan came to “sell her treasure to fund her dream,” in the words of host Bob Waliszewski. 

You can visit imanicollective.com to learn more and purchase their products, and should you buy a product, you can even meet and write to the specific artisan who made it! Stay tuned for a special Imani product coming to Moi Moi Market this Fall.

Amazingly, Jenny also hosts a podcast similar to this one. The Moxie Podcast features ordinary people doing courageous things! Check it out on jennynuccio.com


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