Episode 45: How I'm Learning to Step Out of my Comfort Zone

Happy Monday!

Thanks for joining The Talking Story Podcast Community. I'm currently in LAX recording and writing these show notes about to embark on a NEW journey in my life. A season has closed in my life (temporarily or permanent has yet to be determined), and because of COVID I have been literally forced out of my comfort zone. Good? Probably. But in real time, I record TTSP sharing what has held me back, and the potential risks ahead.

"There is an eagle in me that wants to soar, and there is a hippopotamus in me that wants to wallow in the mud."- Carl Sandburg.

So here I am trying to find the inner eagle. However, in all honesty, I have probably been the hippo for far too long? Am I alone? Maybe.

"You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone". -Roy T. Bennett.

"Real change is difficult at the beginning, but gorgeous at the end. Change begins the moment you get the courage and step outside your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone." -Bennet again (man, is this guy just full of wisdom?).

Often we follow people who have gone through the struggle and have come out on the end finding that gorgeous gift of opportunity in life. We try to put the pieces of their history together, but really what we are witnessing is the final product and have missed the journey of how they got there.

Well, I'm a bit different. I'm bringing you along this journey with me.  Are the stakes higher in doing so? Maybe. You will without a doubt see me fail. You will witness heartaches, rejection, and even disappointment. But my hope and prayer is that you can see the struggle, but you can also see the beauty that the struggle brings.  Maybe, just maybe, some of what I am learning can help pave the way for YOU to start, reignite, and/or finish your beautiful journey of purpose and impact.

Ladies and Gents, I will continue to say this over and over again. I believe in YOU!~ I believe you are here on purpose and for a purpose. I believe our lives are not meant to be on our own, and true joy comes from using our lives to bless others.

Let's walk this journey together, sharing the tools that we are learning with each other. In fact, would you share with me on social media, what you are learning? Be sure to tag @captkelseyhawaii and @thetalkingstorypodcast.

The world needs YOU!

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