How to Impact Others by Using Your Story


Donna and Dawn Glass, a mother/daughter team, has devoted their lives in helping others share their stories. Their ministry, Life Unwrapped-
Empowers believers to be courageous, confident, and committed as active witnesses in their journey... for God's glory.
We are the only credible witness to share our life-altering moment with Jesus, that took our story and became our life-changing testimony. 

They share with us the difference between a testimony vs. a story. We love the acronym they use. A.T.V (Authenticity, Transparency, and Vulnerability)
"You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts, known and read by everyone." 2 Corinthians 3:2 NIV

These gals are passionate about what they do and more information about Life Unwrapped can be found here:
Workshops and Get-A-Ways - Empowering believers with "The Change Project" The hope that brings change starts withIN each of us. Two approaches: "Plan, Act, Change" (PAC Your Life), and "I'm All IN" 

Donna's dad lived by this truth: If I CAN and I DON'T, What will I use for an Excuse?

So join us today on The Talking Story Podcast to learn more about how you can use YOUR story to impact the lives of others. They say an average person can influence 10,000 people in a lifetime...that's a huge and exciting responsibility. Let's begin together, today!


“About Dawn and Donna Glass and Life Unwrapped: These two amazing women are cut from the same cloth. They are kind and compassionate, great listeners, discerning in the Spirit, gifted in exhortation and encouragement, and devoted to prayer. To spend time with them is to see their passionate desire to help women to know their identity in Christ and to give them a voice to share their unique stories, and in the telling to allow the Lord to heal and breathe courage into them. Dawn and Donna facilitate God’s healing touch in the lives of women; they are a like a fresh breeze in the Spring–exquisitely refreshing and life giving.”
– Susan Evans


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