Episode 7: How YouTube and a second-hand sewing machine has changed the world


Have you ever felt burdened by an issue in your community? Wanted to help, but didn’t know where to begin? With so much need surrounding us, getting started can be a real challenge. This week’s episode of The Talking Story Podcast takes us to Bali to meet with an incredibly driven and self-starting businesswoman, Yasmin, who faced this very dilemma. She was enjoying life and working for a successful business, until her 30th birthday rolled around and brought with it a pressing question— what now? 

Yasmin had experienced poverty, inequality, and the shift from organic to inorganic products while growing up in an Indonesian village. As a teen, she was disheartened at the sight of so many hurting people while volunteering in the aftermath of a devastating tsunami. She had a passion to help, but the magnitude of the issues was beyond discouraging. Words from a friend inspired her, as well as the business model she would form over 10 years later: “You cannot save the world on your own. You need all hands to do this.”   

Her heart for people, the environment, and a want to see change motivated her to leave her job and begin an ethical and sustainable business venture. “Yasminida” kickstarted with a second-hand sewing machine, some YouTube tutorials, and a desire to go big. The goal is to make beautiful and environmentally friendly products, holding fast to a zero-waste policy.  Her main product, reusable utensil sets, are crafted from locally grown bamboo with the goal to cut down on plastic pollutants. Yasmin incorporates her heart for humanity and equality by giving her 35 women employees, some of whom are disabled, some pretty remarkable benefits! Give this week’s episode a listen to learn more about her kindness-based business model, and how she keeps her company entirely waste free.  You’ll be inspired by her passion and future goals, and by how this “ordinary” woman is making big changes in her community and beyond.  

Learn more about Yasminida and their sustainable products at www.yasminida.com.  And, visit www.moimoimarket.com to purchase your reusable bamboo utensil set and help reduce plastic usage.


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  • Great timing to consider the value of this type of responsible gift that keeps on giving!

    Rachel Rimel

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