Episode 27: I'll Push You: An Emotional 500 mile Trek, 2 lifelong friends, 1 wheelchair

500 miles, a set of wheels, and a demanding supply of strength, determination, and vulnerability mark Patrick and Justin’s story of deep friendship, trust and faith. In this inspiring episode Bob and Kelsey interview the stars of “I’ll Push You,” a documentary tracking the 40 day journey of two dedicated friends over the Camino De Santiago.

Brutal rocky terrain lionizes this ancient pilgrimage, the first stretch boasting a rapid 4,000 foot elevation increase from sea level to mountain range. The moment Justin heard of the famous trek back in 2012, something stirred within him and he knew he was meant to make this journey. There was just one problem: Justin had a progressive muscular disease and had been wheelchair bound for years.

Enter Patrick. These two basically-brothers born just 36 hours apart in the same small town formed a crazy, fearless plan. It would require Patrick pushing Justin over rocks, ruts, and mountains, and Justin’s humble and complete dependence on Patrick. Join us this week on The Talking Story Podcast to hear how these men tackled the impossible without a single thought of quitting. This is a story of community, the beautiful gift of letting people in—total strangers, even— and the joy that comes from both. The society we live in is a heavy promoter of independence and individuality, but there’s no getting around the fact that we very much, very much need each other. We need to be vulnerable, open, willing to accept help, willing to give it freely; willing and ready to say “I gotchya.”

You can visit www.illpushyou.com to learn more about Justin and Patrick, their story, their children’s book, social media links, and where you can find their must-see movie.

www.pushinc.us is a great way to get Patrick and Justin to speak at your event. They are even doing virtual speaking engagements during this COVID19.



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