In a Crisis? We Talk about ALL the Things: Men in Crisis, Where to go in a Crisis, Abortion, and more...

Guarantee all of us have experienced a crisis in our lives. In fact, maybe some of us are currently in a crisis. In our conversation today, we talk to Brandy from Helping Hands who shares her beginnings on starting a crisis pregnancy center. It doesn't matter what your crisis is, the application from this interview applies to anyone at anytime no matter the situation.  
We discuss so many topics: 
What to do when God takes your dream and gives it to someone else?
Men in Crisis
Where to Go in Crisis
What to do if you are contemplating abortion
What if you already have had an abortion
What to do if a friend has had an abortion
Pro Life vs Pro Choice
Living in Community
Coming Alongside someone in Crisis
Starting a Crisis Pregnancy Center
I promise you, there is something in the conversation for EVERYONE!
And if you want to participate with the amazing things at Helping Hands, then we encourage you to use your time, resources, and/or money to help continue on the great things taking place through this organization in Blufton, IN. 

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