Episode 6: Let's discuss Fair Trade and Sustainability with Carolin, founder of Shimmy Bracelets


Join us as we head to Bali! Bali is an island in Indonesia that struggles, like all of us, with pollution, trash, and damage to their coral reefs. However, they too are also on the brink of some MAJOR sustainable and eco-friendly movements. Raising up our kiddos in the up and coming generation in sustainable practices is essential for the future of this globe. This awesome lady works a day job helping inspire our youth to make positive changes in the planet, while on the side is creating fair wage work for women in her community. In fact, Carolin shares that the women who make these Shimmy Bracelets, actually make more money than their husbands! That is not typical, especially in a patriarchal society.  

We sit down with Carolin at a little cafe right on a busy street. We love her smile, and her passion to help people and the animals in Bali is inspiring. We truly understand that her joy comes from helping others, and that is what we consider extraordinary. 

Want to help empower more sisters in a sustainable and fair wage? Purchase a bracelet. Want to contribute to educating the youth in planet friendly practices? Buy a bracelet. Love dogs and can relate with Carolin in helping our furry friends? Buy a bracelet. Simply put, by purchasing a water-proof, semi precious stone bracelet- you are participating in making Bali a better, sustainable, and cleaner place. We are all connected, as we are all together on this planet. And we can cast a vote on the future of our planet in just how we spend our dollar. Why not empower those who are alleviating poverty, addressing animal issues, and educating our youth? Will you join me? 

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