Episode 4: Let's Go Deep: An Insight into a Father and Daughter Relationship and how it can combat Sex Trafficking


It’s Bob and Kelsey Waliszewski, the father/daughter duo, here again on The Talking Story Podcast. First off, thank you so much for subscribing, reviewing, and sharing our podcast with your friends, family, and social media following. The only way that we can help inspire more folks locally and globally via these fantastic stories that have already aired and have yet to air…is through YOU. So thank you, thank you, thank you. We truly can’t do this without you. 

We are a month in to this new endeavor of podcasting, and the feedback we have received has been phenomenal. Last week, our episode with Jessica Munoz of Hoolanpua aired and the response was fabulous. One person wrote, “Love the idea of the podcast! Nice and short so I can listen while I do the dishes or drive around town. Can’t wait to hear more stories. I’m super interested to learn about what awesome thngs people are doing to better the world”. If you’re one that has left us feedback, thank you! If not, we want to hear from you. You can interact with us @thetalkingstorypodcast. Ask questions. Provide feedback. Plus, we want to hear yourstory. We all have one, and we want to continue to inspire you to keep using your story to make a difference and better this globe. 

So, with this week’s podcast (No.4 if you’re counting), we have decided to go in a slightly different direction. This time around we want to give you a little insight into the father/daughter relationship of Bob and Kelsey. We wanted to make things a little bit more personal and share how familial relationships can also combat and prevent sex trafficking


We truly believe that everyone can make a positive impact in this world through their time, resources, and money. In addition, intentionality with family can also be a solution to a host of world-wide problems that we see so commonly today. 


            So just remember, we are ordinary people. Nothing special about Bob and Kelsey except we have a heart to participate in making this world a better place. Do you have that same heart? Then we hope you can join our The Talking Story Podcast family and listen to Episode 4 and all past episodes for that matter and be inspired how WE can make a POSITIVE impact in people and on the planet. 

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