Episode 9: LOVE HEALS! Meet Dorris and Katrina beneficiaries of Thistle Farms


Cracked and worn-out feet. Exhausted. Broken.  

“What happened to you?”

The question conveyed compassion; not criticism, not judgement. They handed her keys to a beautiful room. Her own. They gave her a job. No one even considered her past record. 

This is the experience of thousands of women who have walked through the doors of Thistle Farms, a Nashville-based non-profit whose mission is to heal, employ, and empower women who’ve been trafficked, prostituted, abused, and addicted. Kelsey had the privilege of sitting down and talking story with two women who have been through this life-changing program, Dorris and Katrina. Both were freed from decades on the streets battling abuse and addiction, and “loved back to life” at Thistle Farms. Their heart-wrenching and inspiring stories told in this episode reflect those of the many women who have found healing through Thistle Farms. Healing, and jobs with incredible purpose.

Thistle Farms empowers through employment by giving each of its women a paid opportunity to help others out of the same tattered lifestyle they once were in themselves. Candles, lotions, lip balms, and other natural products are hand-made with love, and the profits go towards getting the next woman off the streets. Strategically placing these products in gift shops, salons, and other businesses throughout the U.S. ensures that the message of Thistle Farms spreads to areas it might not otherwise reach. The program is transforming women’s lives, not just locally, but on a global scale as well. “When you talk about healing women, you can’t just talk about women in our backyard. You’ve gotta talk about women all around the globe.” You won’t want to miss hearing the impact this amazing organization is making around the world, and the powerful stories of two women who’ve gotten their lives back because of it. Thistle Farms’ motto rings true in this podcast: Love is the most powerful force to heal.

You can learn more about Thistle Farms and purchase products that help heal and restore women at thistlefarms.org or moimoimarket.com.  If you’re in the Nashville area, you can also stop in for a bite at Thistle Farms’ Cafe and gift store. 


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