Episode 2. Sometimes life is hard... Heart Ranch: Making a Difference in Hawaii

Meet Tony and Fronda from Heart Ranch, an organization in Hilo, Hawaii dedicated to serving families on the Big Island through horse therapy.  

This podcast is not just for those interested in horses, horse therapy or ranch-life. But the takeaway tools here today will help ya’ll out there who are feeling…well… stuck, that things are just moving too slow, or those trying to keep too many spinning plates, well spinning. And all the while wondering if it is even worth doing what they’re doing. 

Of this podcast is for those wanting to pay it forward … more. Maybe you have some extra time and want to devote an hour or two a week and help give back to your local community. Maybe you have a business or a job, and feel as if this business or job could be a key to giving back or giving back more.n

Or maybe you’re just going through a low point in your life right now. Well foks, this podcast is for you. In the bonus section, I, Kelsey, open up about being a divorcee and how Heart Ranch played a critical role at a very dark time in my life.  

Back to Tony and Fronda. This powerhouse couple talks about their journey of owning a business and running a non-profit simultaneously. Patience, perseverance, and hard work have all played a significant role at Heart Ranch, and they wouldn’t trade a single second of it. They talk about what a horse therapy ranch is and how it has incredible impact in the lives of the kids and volunteers. They also talk about the challenges of life, and how they get through the day to day. They even discuss the five-year journey it took Heart Ranch to go from dream to reality. I promise you, listening to this will help you with the tools to change your life and other’s lives around you. And be sure to check out the bonus section too.

To learn more about Heart Ranch go to www.heartranch.org. They also refer to Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch, their inspiration and a couple we plan to have on the podcast soon (Kim and Troy, we will be reaching out to you soon☺). But check out www.crystalpeaksyouthranch.org

Social media @heartranchhilo

Sponsor of today www.moimoimarket.com @moimoimarket

You can be a part of what is happening by purchasing one of Mercy's bracelets. Mercy, a 10 year girl who volunteers at Heart Ranch, has collaborated with Moi Moi Market to make these beautiful bracelets to raise money for the needs at Heart Ranch. 

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