My Hero When it Comes to Living a Life of Purpose

Dr. James Dobson even in his eighties continues to live his life to help others. His heart to help the family has been influential throughout the last 5 decades. As he shares in this podcast, his journey to a life of purpose begins with his faith in Jesus. He truly believes that if we operate in God's original design of family, we would see a healthier society and world. He believes this wholeheartedly that he has devoted his time, energy, resources, and money to building organizations that offer free support to help support and sustain the family.

Bob Waliszewski and Dr Dobson have a huge respect for one another, and we appreciate the opportunity to be a fly on the wall in this conversation. The wisdom we glean from Dr. Dobson is very inspirational, and we would encourage you to share this episode with friends and family!

Also check out his daily podcast called Family Talk for 20-30 minute episodes that give you the tools to become a better parent, husband, wife, grandparent, friend, and more. We all have room to grow right? In order to grow, we must water and think of his podcast as the daily watering system you and your family need to walk into God's plan for your life!

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