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“If you can swim across the creek without a life jacket, you can take the boat.”

You better believe almost any boy would dive right in and swim for dear life if his parents told him that! Zach Rollins and his family always lived less than a mile from the ocean, and with boat keys in hand, Zach revved into an explorer’s dream of a childhood. Endless Rhode Island hours were spent traversing islands and studying tide pools by a boy full of questions and curiosity. This kid’s passion turned into his adult reality when, with a college degree and captain’s license freshly under his belt, Zach immediately kickstarted an exciting career on the ocean.

Not long into it, Zach had a realization. He needed to start getting “comfortable with being uncomfortable.” A spontaneous move and an intensely embarrassing first day at a new job will certainly do that! There’s a lot to learn from the perseverance and inquisitiveness of this 23-year-old boat captain, who is also a podcaster, heavy weight lifter, avid learner, and articulate asker of questions. Zach enjoys having “his feet in a lot of different ponds,” and is always interested in hearing others’ stories and opinions, which is what inspired him to start his own podcast.

Through his podcast Along the Keel, Zach has spoken with a variety of people and organizations who love the ocean, make their living from it, work to protect it, and use it as therapy (one episode featuring a group who take wounded veterans out fishing). Along with curating stories, Zach hopes to gather products that support the ocean environment and the community around it to form a marketplace down the line. Tune in to hear more about Zach’s vision and relatable story of dealing with obstacles. The safest place for us in life is of course inside the harbor, but who’s to be met and what’s to be learned and experienced out there beyond it?

Check out Zach’s podcast Along the Keel to hear unique and informative stories from ocean lovers, workers, and more: He is also on Instagram @alongthekeel

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