Episode 32: Putting Your Love Glasses On


“I can’t see haters with my love glasses on!” This meme featuring a guinea pig clad in heart-shaped glasses struck a chord in Tara Ijai’s troubled heart. 2015 had been a difficult year for American Muslims with various hate crimes and a tangible spike in misperceptions, judgement and fear. Tara had been self-isolating for almost a month after a harrowing experience in a hotel breakfast lobby, before she decided to live out the message of that meme. When she finally left her house and put on her first pair of love glasses, she was prepared to face more negativity. As such she was blown away by the unexpected responses she received from others.

That same year, Tara began giving glasses away to whoever she crossed paths with before starting Love Glasses Revolution, a business and social enterprise that would later be featured by USA Today. Love glasses go way beyond style. They convey the message that is close to Tara’s heart, to view everyone in love. She describes the act of choosing love as a superpower, and it’s something she wants everyone to experience.

In this episode, Tara shares a story of a time she witnessed a Muslim friend receiving hateful comments from another woman online, and decided to step in. She did one of the last things most of us would ever think to do— invite the woman out for coffee! Tara testifies that taking the time to understand and love others is crucial. Tune in to hear the rest of this inspiring story, all about Love Glasses Revolution and its influence, discussion on dealing with bullies, and more. Let’s be encouragers; “the world has enough critics.”

You can pick up your own pair of heart glasses (and other merchandise) and start viewing others through lenses of love at www.myloveglasses.com (& they’re not just for the ladies!). You can also follow Love Glasses Revolution on Facebook and Instagram.

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