Reflections with Kelsey: How I Start My Day

Hey TTSP listeners!

For the next 60 days we are taking a break from our "normal" schedule. Why? Well 3 reasons:

1. There's always a need for rest, prayer, growth, and reflection. We will take your feedback, the dreams in our hearts, and the uncertainty of the future and lay it down at the feet of Jesus and ask "what's next?". 

2. We need to Fundraise. I, Kelsey, have been funding the podcast for the last 37 episodes and it ain't cheap. However, it has been so worth it! But if this is to continue, we will need financial help, so we are putting the power into the hands of our listeners and you want this to continue? If so, would you support us in purchasing from Moi Moi Market or giving to our Kickstarter Fundraiser? Our fundraiser will end September 1, and at that point we trust we will have an answer for the direction of the podcast. 

3. I'm human and I've been going through a lot, like I am sure you have too in this "unprecedented time". So I want to take the next 8 weeks and come on air and just share the raw and the real of me. Maybe you can connect and relate, and maybe you can't. And all of that is ok! In a season of social distancing, it is hard to connect. And although this is still virtual, grab a cup of coffee, and let's talk through some things together. To continue the conversation, find me on social media at The Talking Story Podcastor Kelsey Waliszewski. 

Thank you to our continued sponsor a One Stop Shop for Products of Purpose. We Believe YOU can Make a Difference in the World just by How YOU Shop!


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