Season 2 Episode 3 (50) Someone Else is Invested in You


Hey guys!

You don't want to miss this reflection. Bob Waliszewski shares his meditation on the 23rd Psalm. Many of us have read the psalm, some probably can recite from memory, but I bet you, like Bob, have overlooked an essential part of David's song, the part that says someone else has a stake in our lives.

In Bob's many years as a youth pastor, director at Focus on the Family, public speaker and more, Bob reminds us that God's word always reveals something new to us and at the right time in the right season.

We encourage you to listen in, and we hope that whether life is good or bad, we are reminded that there is Someone else invested in our lives. God, the Creator Loving Father, takes us on paths of righteousness for His name's sake. Not for our name's sake. It's easy to strive in life for our own glory. But Bob reminds us that the outcome of our current pain and struggles is only temporary, and can often time point us more to our purpose.


If what Bob shares is a bit foreign to you, and /or you have questions about what a relationship with Jesus means, then we encourage you to reach out on a DM @thetalkingstorypodcast.


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