Episode 18: Struggling with Spousal Support? Bob gets deep about his marriage and how to find purpose and fulfillment


Bob Waliszewski and Kelsey Waliszewski debrief the last many episodes of The Talking Story Podcast. Kelsey shares some "how tos" in finding your purpose and discovering what truly fulfills you.

What's super cool about this particular episode is that Bob opens up about his relationship with Leesa, his wife. They have been married for over 30 years, and although their marriage is far from perfect, Bob shares what he has learned about supporting Leesa in the areas of life she finds purpose and fulfillment. Bob also opens up about what is important to him, as a man, that he needs from Leesa to actively pursue purpose in his life.

Folks, grab a cup of joe and join Bob and Kelsey as they chat it up about finding that ultimate purpose and fulfillment in life.

So often, especially in the western world, we make life about us. However, when we do, we find it to be empty and meaningless. When we start making our lives about helping others, it truly brings a joy, purpose, and happiness that you can't find elsewhere. Promise.

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