Episode 8: Starts with Mud and ends with Love: Founder of MudLOVE, Luke Wright, shares his story

Get ready to meet a guy who has successfully turned his side hustle into a full-time job!  Way too often, our passions get pushed into the dusty corner of our busy agendas. The idea of doing what we really love on a full-time basis is dismissed as impractical and not possible. Well, The Talking Story Podcast is here with Luke from Indiana to tell you that it is possible! Luke was working in construction while doing what he loved on the side. He turned that side gig into MudLOVE, a pottery business that has completely taken off.  It now gives back in a huge way with every single sale.

MudLOVE just celebrated its 10th anniversary, but it probably wouldn’t exist today if Luke hadn’t tuned into something bigger than himself. Depression, anxiety, and the emptiness of the party hardy lifestyle had brought Luke to a breaking point in college. He realized he was seriously missing his calling. He was struggling his way through pre-pharmacy, when his skills were really in a less celebrated field— ceramics. Luke faced quite a bit of failure, but it brought him to a place where he could do what he was meant to do. He found peace and fulfillment in following that still, small voice and getting his hands back in the clay.

A dusty studio, a box of clay, and grandma’s stamps set the scene for MudLOVE’s beginning.  As it grew, Luke had a word from God: “deny yourself.”  MudLOVE wasn’t meant to be just a money-maker. It had a greater purpose.  Almost a decade later, it’s now a full-blown business mission, making inspirational bracelets and mugs all while helping provide one of the world’s direst needs, clean water.  Every product sold equals one whole week of clean water! In places in Africa where life expectancy hovers around 50 years, this couldn’t be more vital.  Tune in to hear more of Luke’s awesome journey and the impact being made through the organization he supports, Water For Good.

 Visit www.mudlove.com and www.moimoimarket.com to check out Luke’s beautiful products and go to www.waterforgood.org to learn more about their vision for clean water.

“Deny yourself.” It’s amazing what can happen when you do.


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