Sustainable Living and Sustainable Marriage

This week we are so excited to talk to Ryan and Dani McAfee on The Talking Story Podcast. Dani and Kelsey were inseparable when interns on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2007 as juniors in college. Despite being in very different seasons of life, Dani and Kelsey have continued to cultivate a beautiful friendship over the last decade.

After spending almost 10 days on Ryan and Dani's farm in 2020, Kelsey walked away very inspired. The McAfee's have used their farm to grow their family (physically, spiritually and emotionally) and help others. Listen in as Ryan and Dani share their joys and struggles of sustaining a marriage and growing a family of 4 in a way that they believe God has called them to.

And as someone who has always had a black thumb, both Bob and Kelsey, are inspired to re-try gardening using some of Dani and Ryan's practical "how tos".

-Grow what you eat (no duh, right) but how many times have a tried to grow pumpkins when really, I don't eat pumpkin that often. Now what I do eat often is let's grow some cilantro, tomato, and onion?

-Start with what you have. Don't feel like you need to own a giant farm to begin...use what you have

-Be Faithful. Wherever you start, be faithful. Tend to the soil. Water it. Don't forget about it. Food, real food, needs our help and faithfulness to grow.

-Learn the spiritual lessons. Watch nature and figure out how it relates to your spiritual journey.




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