Episode 5: Beauty from bullets: Lenya Heitzig founder of ReLoad Love


I like to travel. In the past two years, I've been to China, South Korea, Thailand Indonesia and Kenya. But I'll admit, when I go to these places, I enjoy a bit of comfort. I don't have to stay in a 4 or 5-Star hotel, but I'm not chomping at the bit to stay in some flea ridden place that may (or may not) change the sheets on the bed -- if they have sheets at all.

But our guest for Podcast No.5 has a much different perspective. And that's one of many reasons I've grown to admire her. And I believe you will, too.  Lenya Heitzig, in her words has pushed herself to become a "G.I. Jane" --traipsing through the jungles with machette in hand (well I'm not sure about the machette part). But all of this was for a purpose, a purpose to help people. 

Pushing herself may be a bit of an understatement. Lenya calls herself a "blonde Malibu Barbie." You might be asking yourself if a Malibu Barbie can make a difference on this planet? I think you'll be saying, "Wow, yes they can!" when you finish hearing her story, a story that involves kids, terrorists, playgrounds, spent bullet cases, and an acronym she uses: C.A.N.
I know you'll be inspired by this podcast. But let me also say she's not trying to encourage you to become a G.I. Jane. She just tells her journey and I think you'll be encouraged to follow your dreams and leadings too...wherever they may lead.
Be sure to check out her bracelets that are made from recycled bullet casings and paracord found on www.moimoimarket.com/jewelry. By purchasing this product you can make a difference in these kids lives and be a participant of the good that is taking place in this world!
For more information on ReLoad Love and Lenya and her team visit www.reloadlove.com
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