Episode 29: The True Secret to be an Overcomer and Find Purpose: Kendrick Brothers


If you were asked to name the number of bad movies you’ve seen, you’d be probably be counting for a while, right? Weak and just downright confusing plots have been leaving audiences annoyed and uninspired since the film industry began. The cost of movie production is unbelievable, and the feat of creating one a “gigantic, Mt. Everest type of experience,” say Alex and Stephen Kendrick. These brothers entered the movie-making industry together having never walked onto a single set.

With no TV in the house, the Kendrick brothers spent their childhood running around the neighborhood filming action and stunt-packed movies on their camcorder. Their visions took a different turn as they grew and both placed their faith and focus in God, coming away with the desire to make meaningful movies that would bring messages of purpose. That dream is being fulfilled in their growing collection of faith-based hit titles including FireProof, Facing the Giants, War Room, and Overcomer.

Obstacles have been numerous. These guys didn’t go to film school, had little money to begin with, and enlisted volunteers from their church to act in and help produce their first movie (Fly Wheel was filmed entirely on one camera and a $20,000 budget!). The ultimate factor that has driven each day on set has been, and continues to be, strategic prayer for guidance.

But, how do you just know that a certain direction is the right one to go in, especially when it contradicts the advice and input of so many around you? In this episode, Stephen and Alex offer their personal explanations for the deep-seated discernment they’ve known throughout their movie career, as well as countless stories of miracles on and off the set. Should you choose to watch one of their films, you are sure to be moved and inspired. And, you may even spot one of your hosts!

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