Episode 26: The Ultimate Reset


Hey guys,

It's me, Kelsey, and I'm sitting here this Easter Sunday 2020 not in my Easter dress about to head to church and then to Easter brunch. (Actually, what I've enjoyed doing for Easter's pasts are Glow in the Dark Easter Egg hunts for the neighbors and their children in the backyard, but even that isn't happening during this COVID19 social distancing season that we are in.) But instead, I'm like all of you, questioning the circumstances in which we are in, and asking myself WHY THE HECK IS THIS HAPPENING? Anyone with me?

The Easter holiday is full of traditions. I mean, I'm sure you have already thought of all the things you are missing out on, right? Enneagram 7s, where u at, can I get a *woot woot*.  Easter egg hunts with the family, great food, a church service, a community Easter event. But in the hustle and bustle of what "normal" Easter is for us, have we missed the actual meaning of Easter? Ok, think about it. Easter Sunday happens. In conversation some of us converse in this way "He has Risen" which in response we hear "He has Risen indeed". All that is great and means well, but then Monday happens. And life is back to normal. Except for this year. Except for 2020.

I've been watching the new TV series called The Chosen with a friend. Highly, highly recommend!! In watching this series, the New Testament stories have come to life and have given me a fresher perspective on The Bible and what it truly means to believe in Jesus. As a Christian, I have had my own doubts, my own battles of faith, my insecurities of who I am according to the Word of God and what I feel, and guilt about what I've done. But what I'm seeing thru this series AND reading the actual scripture, is so did Jesus's disciples. And in each case of calling each disciple, Jesus asked them to stop what they were doing and to instead, follow him. He didn't ask them to stop their doubts, stop their issues, stop their insecurities. He asked them to stop what they were DOING!

Guys, a lot of us have been forced to stop what we are doing. We have been diverted from our "normal" lives because of COVID 19. And what we see as detrimental, discouraging, anxious, worrisome could really be our answer to prayer. The disciples had been praying for years, and their forefathers for centuries before them, for God to come save them and for the Messiah to come. And there He was.  And for them to recognize him and learn more about what he came to do, it meant for them to stop doing what was normal. Peter had to stop fishing. Matthew had to stop collecting taxes. James and John had to stop their business. Simon had to stop a life of politics. And in their stopping, they were able to follow. And what is the act of following? It is observing, it is questioning, it is pursuing, it is BEING in the presence of someone, and it is doing but the "doing" is different.

As I am like you, in this strange season of COVID 19, I have wondered if God has given me this gift to stop doing and instead follow. To be honest, I'm not sure I would have had the guts to do it myself, even though I've had promptings in my heart for a while to change my course. Before COVID19, was anyone else feeling like me, juggling? Don't let a ball drop, I would tell myself. My quiet times would be cut shorter, because I felt that sleep was more of a necessity than feeding my soul. Then rushing out of the house, I decided that that left over chocolate chip cookie at work would be my breakfast, rather than taking the time to make my healthy smoothie that would benefit my body and bring the nourishment it craves (but maybe not what my brain craves). And after a very strenuous day at work, I'd come home and crash (probably more due to the sugar pumping thru my blood than the actual workload) and I would talk myself out of exercising. To make me happy and take my mind off of what I should be doing, I'd get online find a BOGO for some item that I didn't really need and purchase it, not knowing anything about how that item is made, where it comes from, and was it something that I really needed or was it just a temporary fix to the emptiness that I felt. I'd miss opportunities to be there for people that I cared about. And despite the many blessings in my life, I would live fearfully, never really thinking I had enough which would reflect in my willingness to give. Sure I gave, but was it out of sacrifice or leftovers? Press repeat, that was my life.

Since COVID19, I've decided to explore even more what it means to follow Jesus with my heart, soul, mind, and strength and love my neighbor as myself. I'm far from perfect, but I have put together a tool for you, that gives you some ideas of how to start implementing the change your soul so desires, to be rid of that emptiness that we are constantly striving to fill. The ULTIMATE RESET GUIDE, isn't everything one should do, but it is a compilation of ideas, some action tips, which is a start! And I believe when we can start observing, learning, implementing some good things, we can start being doers of good as well. (Don't get me wrong, I don't believe salvation comes by what we DO, but in the love and grace of Jesus)  But I do see that God has a next level for us to partake in, once we understand what He is all about. It doesn't effect our salvation, but it does effect how we use our lives and fulfilling our purpose here on this earth. We aren't here to be work robots, we aren't here on this earth to be bumps on a log, we aren't here to become rich and wealthy.

Could this COVID19 be a tool of redemption. Ultimately Jesus has already done the action of saving us from our sins, if we believe in Him, that he died on the cross and rose again which is what we celebrate on Easter Day! But I would encourage you to see COVID 19, as a "follow me", a reset, a change of course. Bring your questions about Christianity to the table. Ask. Seek answers. Google "apologetic podcasts" to explore more. Find us on social media and start a discussion (not a debate).  Find time to sit, listen, read, and learn. Get healthy. Initiate financial, spiritual goals that will allow you to do what God wants you to do. And look for ways to love others.

My friend, Jesus is looking at you, in your fears, problems, uncertainties, doubts, insecurities and is saying "follow me". He loves you so much despite what you have done and who you think you are. He wants to give you a new life, nothing of your past will be held over you. He wants you to walk in a new future. May this COVID19 be a launching pad, to your new start, new life, new calling brought to you thru The Resurrection of Jesus THE Christ, Son of God, Redeemer of Humanity, and New Kingdom builder.



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  • Kelsey –
    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and vulnerability with us! I love your reset guide! So many things I have also been contemplating as well. I agree with you that this situation has presented a unique opportunity for us to reflect and choose what we will then “pick back up” when this is over and life again resumes. Hopefully I can use this as a time for growth, change, and reflection as well. Miss you and love your podcast! Thank you for giving back! You are beautiful inside and out! 💗

    Kristen Truman

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