You Can Help Eradicate the World Water Crisis for $12

Over 1 billion people do not have water! That's a fact we don't hear on the news, see on social media, or discuss in conversation. That means 1 in 8 people wake up every day wondering how they are going to find safe drinking water. However, Richard and Terri Greenly decided to use their business, Pumps of Oklahoma (, to create wells and now businesses to meet the water crisis need. was not always on Richard and Terri's mind. They knew they wanted to do more with their lives, but they weren't sure how. Similar to the Bible story of the loaves and fish, watching Jesus use the little food this boy had and multiplying it to where it fed 5000 people plus some, Richard and Terri watched how their humble business has been able to provide 1 million people drinking water thru 6000 wells.

But not only have they been a part of meeting a need of clean drinking water, they have helped people find freedom, hope, and a future all because they lived a life of "yes". Simply and bravely saying yes to the opportunities in front of them, have been the building blocks to an adventurous and purpose filled life for both Richard and Terri.

So what's the takeaway for us as a listener? Maybe you can join and give $12 to help an individual get water. Maybe it's supporting directly or businesses that do. Or maybe, just maybe, God is calling you to step into a risky and scary opportunity right in front of you, but by doing so, your life will never be the same, for the better.

My friend, I know and absolutely believe that you have your life for a reason, and it's not meant to be your own. That thru you time, resources, and/or money you can make a difference in someone's or maybe millions of people's lives!

One way to make a difference is to support our sponsor, They are a one stop shop of products of purpose. Every product that you see on Moi  Moi Market either helps women out of trafficking, provides clean water, builds schools, or cleans up plastic in our ocean.

Be the change that we so wish to see in this world!


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