Episode 41: Weather The Storm: How to get Through Hard Things

Hello TTSP friends!

A category 1 hurricane, Douglas (can we call him Dougie), is approaching the island chain quickly. As people are boarding up windows, tying down lawn chairs, and stocking up on 2 weeks worth of water and food, I decided to take a stroll along the beach with a cup of Joe in hand. Although I think preparation for a storm is essential (and lucky for me I'm staying at a friends' place whom have done well at preparing for any natural disaster with the amount of food and water in their 900 square foot condo), I wanted to take the time to contemplate what is a storm and what do we do in a storm. Why? Because I'm currently in a personal storm.

Many of you are in a stormy season. We hear messages on how to prepare for a storm, or what to do after a storm. But what if you are in one? And what if you are in one that you didn't even see coming. Maybe your like me and feel a bit blindsided by the impact of COVID. Maybe your storm extends beyond COVID, and you've been in this storm for a while?

Well my friends, I took some time to listen to the experts, pray, think, and now am ready to share with you what I'm learning in my stormy season.

If we choose this path of extraordinary, there will be storms. In fact, we are promised storms. As I was listening to a pastor's words today, he comically said, "The Bible doesn't state take up your couch and follow me, it says take up your cross and follow me." The cross? The cross that brought pain, humiliation, and suffering for Jesus. That's our future? Count me out...right? But what does Jesus promise 1) we will find life 2) we will always have an advocate 3) and we will have indescribable happiness. And ultimately what did the cross do...it brought freedom, redemption, and a means to have a relationship with the Creator himself.

So in this season of difficulty, be encouraged friends. You are not alone. Storms draw something out of us that calm seas don't (quote by Bill Hybels).


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