Episode 10: Why am I Here on This Planet? Talk Story with Bob and Kelsey

9 episodes in, and already we’ve heard from many ordinary (yet amazing!) people who are doing some pretty outstanding stuff.  These are people who are starting businesses and non-profits from the ground up that benefit others, or those who have found purpose and fulfillment through an existing organization. But, how do you live a more fulfilled life? How and where do you find your purpose? 

With a new year right around the corner, hosts Bob and Kelsey want to take a moment to talk about a very important person, one who should not be underestimated— you. They’ll give some helpful tools in this episode for looking inward and finding your driving force, or your call to something greater. We all have one. You’ll also get a look into Bob’s story and learn how he went from sitting bored in church to being a youth pastor, and from being a youth pastor to working in a position he hadn’t even considered before. It was in this unexpected job that he found purpose and fulfillment for 27 years!

Whether you’ve just graduated high school, college, or recently retired, there’s always that question of “what next?” Our very future-focused society can create anxiety in us to just get a move on with our lives. Combatting this, one of the steps Bob and Kelsey elaborate on involves whipping out a journal and reflecting on the past. What things have you done that you’re most proud of? These are events we often forget in pursuit of the next greatest thing, but they serve as hints to where our gifting lies. Self-care is another aspect we tend to push to the side, but something so integral to getting in tune with our passions and calling. Bob and Kelsey share their own self-care strategies with you in this podcast, and explore other tools like rediscovering your personal qualities, building up a value system, and putting yourself out there. Listen in to get started (or re-started) on your own personal journey to fulfillment and purpose! 

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