Episode 37: You Can Find Joy After Trauma

Let’s talk more on another pressing global pandemic: sex trafficking. It’s happening in high schools, middle schools, malls, parks, among family and friend circles, through the internet, across boarders, within boarders, on every continent, every single day. San Diego, California alone is seeing an annual eight hundred million dollars generated by the underground sex trade. The city is considered an international gateway for sex trafficking.

Join host Kelsey and guest Rachel of San Diego as they discuss what sex trafficking looks like in a big city like San Diego, and how each of us can contribute to the fight against this crime that is most assuredly happening in your own community— big city or small town. You’ll learn how women survivors are experiencing healing and restoration from the immense trauma of sex trafficking at Generate Hope, a residential recovery home and safe house in the heart of San Diego. The program receives dozens of inquiries and referrals every month, and has seen over one hundred women enter its doors to receive life-saving therapy and vocational training in a family-like environment.

This episode contains awareness-inducing knowledge on the vast issue of sex trafficking as well as a call to action: whether as an individual, a family, a business, etc., you can make an impact. Have this conversation with your friends and your families. Make sure your schools are educated and educating students on the signs and warnings of sex trafficking, as well as your workplaces. Donate. If you own a business, consider providing internships for survivors. Listen in to find out more.

Visit generatehope.org for more information on how San Diego is fighting the good fight against sex trafficking. You can also check out episodes 2, 3, 13, 14, 20, and 33 of The Talking Story Podcast to find out how other individuals, businesses and non-profits are combatting sex trafficking around the world.

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