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  • 3 goldstones
  • 2 gold pearls
  • 1 citrine oval
  • Clear gold beads

 2 lengths available: 

  1. 9 ½”   
  2. 11”


Just like a golden sandy beach uplifts and revitalizes the soul and increases positivity when in its presence, so does GOLDSTONE.  It is truly a gemstone of happiness. Said to be the stone of ambition, it has been used as an aid in attaining goals by increasing energy, confidence and drive. Goldstone can be particularly beneficial for individuals having problems with their families, relationships, or friendships. Goldstone facilitates breaking through relational boundaries, reducing tension and the golden sparkles of copper deflect unwanted energies, returning them to source to be transmuted into Love.

Goldstone is believed eases arthritic bone/joint conditions, increases circulation, balances the metabolism and may help relieve skin irritations caused by allergies.


PEARLS are strong symbols of femininity, purity, honesty, loyalty, and integrity. A gemstone of inner wisdom, they help females connect with their ‘inner Goddess.”  Pearls carry the memory of the ocean within them, helping wash away feelings of depression and empowering us to lighten the mind and mood, let go of anxiety and our negative inner voice, peacefully encouraging us to find our balance and flow. They attract wealth and abundance yet invite us to make time for relaxation. Pearls are a powerful protector and are exceptional at absorbing negative energy, keeping our auras pure and clear.

Pearls may help reduce the effects of asthma and bronchitis as well as detoxify the liver and improve kidney function. Pearls have been used by cultures worldwide since ancient times to promote a healthy reproductive system, minimizing the negative effects of PMS and menopause as well as helping increase fertility and ease the pain of childbirth.


Wearing pearls is said to enhance natural beauty and bring good luck! Golden Pearls are associated with the Sun and carry solar energy. They represent success, abundance, and prosperity.


CITRINE energizes every level of life. Its warm golden hues impart joy, happiness, and enthusiasm. Emotionally balancing, it revitalizes the mind and raises self-esteem and self-confidence by stimulating the brain to activate creativity and encourage self-expression.  A warm protective stone, Citrine releases negative traits, depression, fears and phobias, allowing space in one’s life for pleasure and joy, encouraging fullness of life, fresh beginnings and new pursuits. It is one of the most powerful crystals used to attract success, prosperity and wealth.


Powerfully energizing and recharging, Citrine can aid in reversing degenerative diseases and balance chemical imbalances in the body.  Has been beneficial in the treatment of diabetes as well as kidney and bladder infections. It can stimulate digestion, the spleen and pancreas, increases blood circulation, detoxifies the blood, activates the thymus and balances the thyroid infections. 



Sea DandeLion Crystals: Mermaid Collection. All crystals and sea-shells I work with are cleansed in the ocean. Finished pieces are dedicated to the Highest Good to work in Love and Light.