Episode 36: Fatherhood: Present, not Perfect


On Mother’s Day weekend we heard from several dedicated, hard-working moms (check out episode 30); now it’s prime time to hear from some dads! So dads: what are some of the most impactful things you feel you’ve done in your kids lives? If you had the chance for a do-over, what would you go back and do differently as a parent? What advice or wisdom could you lend to younger/future dads?

Three of Bob Waliszewski’s long-time friends join The Talking Story Podcast this week to share insight from their own fathering journeys and answer questions like the ones above. Whether you’re a dad or not, we’re certain you’ll find something relatable with Mike, John, and Bob C. as they dive into some topics essential to fatherhood like patience, role modeling, showing emotions (“real men do cry!”), and “parenting from your knees.” Each of these men also discuss tough relationships they had with their own fathers, and how these served to shape and influence their own parenting tactics.

We know Father’s Day is not an easy day for many. Dads, you can change the tides of what may be a family history of absent or deadbeat fathers by rising up and being the dad you wish you’d had as a child. Tune in today to gain some ideas of how you can do this. Until then, here’s a main takeaway:

Your kids don’t need your perfection. They need your presence.

This doesn’t end as they grow up, move away, and no longer need your daily (or perhaps hourly) reminders to clean their room. Like their younger selves who needed you to spend your free afternoon flying a kite with them or sitting through their 3 hour long violin recitals, they just need you to be present in their lives (and your grandkids lives!) and available, whether it’s in person or through regular FaceTime calls or other digital avenues. The influence of both the present and absent father is long lasting and shouldn’t be underestimated. Fathers are truly ordinary people doing a most extraordinary thing: shaping, providing for, and guiding their kids, who are the next generation. Rise up, dads!

Dads, sons, and daughters of all ages, we’d love to hear from you on this topic. Come share your experiences and takeaways from fatherhood or from being fathered. We look forward to reading your comments and hearing your stories. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram:





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