Episode 24: What It is Really Like When You Quit a "Dream" Job


Jenna Wermes is living proof that happiness doesn’t always come through a promising career with a top notch company. This California girl scored her dream job working as a designer— in Hawaii! But after moving to paradise and excitedly beginning her work, something just wasn’t clicking. God had different plans for Jenna, and she knew it.

A few years in, with the support, prayers, and encouragement of many (including Tony Harris, co-founder of Heart Ranch- check out episode 1!), Jenna received the courage and confidence she needed to quit her job and become her own boss. The resulting creation, Light Wave Designs, has been up and running for two and a half years now, offering interior and graphic design services to the Big Island of Hawaii. Jenna’s childhood obsession with the ocean and beloved self-taught hobby of surfing have inspired many of her designs, including journals that give back to both Heart Ranch and Ho’ola Na Pua (episode 2) through Moi Moi Market (link below). Stay tuned for her latest design, coming soon!

Leaving a stable job and going solo can be a rickety staircase of uncertainty, but Jenna puts her trust in God and commits to being a prayer warrior. And, also to setting aside time each week to serve. Besides running her own business, Jenna volunteers at Heart Ranch, a nonprofit that mentors and ministers to children through horsemanship and unconditional love (seriously, check out episode 1!). It’s because of these things that she is able to say: “Every day I’m finding happiness in everything that I’m doing.” Her prayer is for others to experience this same kind of overflowing joy, through dedication to prayer and by consistently doing the things that welcome in the light.

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Visit this podcast’s sponsor, Moi Moi Market, to view Jenna’s beautiful journals at moimoimarket.com

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  • Dearest Granddaughter Jenna I always knew God had something special in store for you and I knew you where going to be an interior designer at 5 years old you would rearrange my furniture,hide ,my cushions and ornaments I would call you at home to find out what you had done with my things and your reply but nannie it looks better that way I would find ornaments hidden in desk draws cushions under bedsLOL Jenna keep on reaching for the stars love always from your Irish nanners…

    Jeannie simpson
  • Thank you Kelsey and Bob for your beautiful words!!! I deeply appreciate all of the love through this podcast! Cheers to family!!! God is good!!

    Jenna Wermes

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