Little Gray's Altruistic Adventure Children's Book
Little Gray's Altruistic Adventure Children's Book
Little Gray's Altruistic Adventure Children's Book
Little Gray's Altruistic Adventure Children's Book
Little Gray's Altruistic Adventure Children's Book

Little Gray's Altruistic Adventure Children's Book

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Looking for a gift for a child that not only will make a difference in their life but in the lives of others?


Here it is! Read it here

The dream began with Kelsey Waliszewski on Big Island, Hawaii, as her captaining whale watch trips led her to discover the beautiful story of these gentle giants. She then sought Ashley Kumfer, a mom of 3, wife and now author, on her expertise of taking the beautiful true story of altruism and turning it into an inspiring read for kids. After meeting in Chicago to work on the story board, Ashley stayed stateside and Kelsey journeyed to Africa in 2021 to help individuals who had lost everything in the pandemic; Robert, our illustrator, was a victim of economic devastation due to the shutdowns. There's more to the story that is explained in the book in the section titled "The Story behind the Story". Oh, and we encourage you to listen to our 30 minute podcast (link below) to hear Kelsey and Ashley discuss this year long journey of taking on an endeavor such as this in a pandemic, how it has changed their lives, and how they hope it continues to be a blessing for many more!

We, at Moi Moi Market, are excited to be a part of "the village" in helping raise up Generation Z and Alpha in the ways of altruism. Part of this book includes additional resources for teachers and/or parents. Leesa Waliszewski, an educator for over 30 years, puts together some creative material that will help your child continue to learn more about themselves and the world around them. To access these resources, simply scan the QR code.

Our hope is to use a portion of the profit to continue to help others in his community through the For Children to Flourish Foundation.


Little Gray embarks on her first journey North, with Momma as her guide through beautiful yet unknown waters. As they travel North, Little Gray grows restless and her frustration builds each time their trip is interrupted. Then, as a result of an unexpected encounter, Little Gray is left pondering what altruism is and the effects it can have on those around her.


To listen to the full story about how the book came to be --click here

To read our blog click here

Great for ages 5-12

Also can be used a great conversation starter for adults. Highly recommend every non-profit have one in their greeting room. Collaborator Kelsey Waliszewski keeps one in her living room as a coffee table book. She believes it can launch into some beautiful discussions and can help bring inspiration to an individual in pursuit of purpose.

Youth pastors-great book to start discussions in a small group setting.

Sunday school teachers- Use the QR code to expand your lesson.

Teachers-use this book to peak student's interest in whales and other marine animals.

Soft cover

11 x 8.5" - 44 pages (22 sheets) + 4 page cover - Perfect Bound - PUR
Cover - 120# Gloss Cover - White
Cover - Prints four color process on both sides - Bleeds
Cover - Laminated with layout-flat scuff-resistant matte lamination
Text - 100# Satin Text - White
Text - Prints four color process on both sides - Bleeds
Digital artwork furnished + Color PDF

Individually wrapped

If you would like to read it before hand, please text Captain Kelsey at 808-217-7454. She can send you a preview of the text prior to ordering.