Sex Trafficking Awareness Day Jan 11, 2021

Sex Trafficking Awareness DAY...January 11, 2021
Easy things you can do to combat the issues of Sex Trafficking
1) Educate yourself
Listen to a The Talking Story Podcast episode each day this week that talks about sex trafficking (or re-listen if you are a TTSP avid listener).
2) Help Educate a Friend
-Screenshot and post on your social media
-Send a link via text or email to a friend
-Go out to coffee and bring it up in conversation, point them to TTSP and/or the brands and businesses that are doing amazing things!
3) Support a Brand or Organization that helps provide hope and healing for individuals who have been sexually exploited.
This month's fundraiser is below, and we are giving 25% back to Covered Colorado. Contact us at to sign your non-profit up for a fundraiser.
"First, define what success means to you personally.
Second, create a vivid mental image of you as a success. This image should be as vivid as you can you make it.
Third, clarify your personal values.
Getting clear about what you want is a process of trial and error! Try something. Then ask yourself: Do I like this? Yes. No. Get a journal and start putting down your feelings, thoughts, actions, and behaviors.
Use what you write as a way to pinpoint areas you are constantly exploring. Evaluate your results constantly."

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